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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Experts

Carter Family Tree Services are tree service professionals serving southwest Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas with our quality tree pruning and shaping services. Our highly-trained and fully licensed team members have years of experience in the tree-service industry. We offer a wide range of tree maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties.

Our Tree Shaping Services

Maintaining the trees on your land with careful pruning and shaping helps prevent downed limbs and interference with manmade structures. When done correctly, tree pruning also helps prevent disease, pest infestation, and helps trees to grow strong. If you are considering options for pruning, removing, or reinforcing the tress on your land, give us a call for a free assessment. We are proud to provide a wide range of services, for both commercial and residential properties. Some of our services include:

We provide free quotes and consultations, and look forward to discussing your next project with you and providing a free estimate. We can also help determine whether a tree needs to come down, or if it can just be pruned back.

Tree value, size constraints, and tree health all go into deciding what kind of pruning will work best for your tree and your property. Our tree experts look forward to offering you advice from our years of experience caring for trees in Indiana.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Pruning?

Pruning trees can help them to grow in a natural shape and keep them from being damaged by strong winds and severe weather. Thinning a canopy allows more airflow and less wind resistance. Removing crossing limbs prevents rubbing and damage so that each limb can grow stronger. Canopy raising is a gradual method of keeping clearance for pathways without removing large limbs from the tree. Each method of pruning has its benefits for your trees, keeps them looking great, and growing strong. Keep your property shaded and beautiful without risk from falling limbs and diseased trees.

How Can Pruning Be Harmful?

Some pruning techniques are out of date and harmful to trees. Over time, methods such as “tree-topping” or “rounding-over” can cause trees to weaken, and be more at risk of falling. Tree experts and arborists warn against these drastic measures. Instead, we use proven methods of pruning that trees can recover from. If you need to prevent trees from growing too tall, or interfering with nearby structures, our directional pruning, thinning, and trimming will keep your property safe.


Deadwooding is a type of pruning that removes limbs that are no longer actively growing. We also check for diseased and pest-infested limbs. Removing these limbs helps prevent fallen limbs, allows the tree to focus on growing healthy limbs, and improves the overall look of your trees.


Shaping a tree is a superior method of pruning over tree topping, and other damaging methods of cutting back trees. Maintaining trees through shaping allows them to grow with a natural shape, helps them grow strong, and prevents them from interfering with buildings and paths on your land.

Utility Pruning

Directionally pruning a tree prevents tree limbs from damaging nearby utilities. We offer utility pruning for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you have a whole frontage road or just one or two trees, we can keep them cut back and clear of sensitive installations.