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Free Estimates Here

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Tree Preservation

Professional Tree Reinforcement Services

Carter Family Tree Services works with homeowners, commercial property owners, and businesses to help keep their trees strong and their properties safe. Our experienced crews offer a variety of tree preservation and pruning services. With our tree care services, you will experience less fallen limbs, and your trees will also be aesthetically pleasing, and able to withstand strong storms.

Tree Care Professionals

We are a fully licensed tree service company serving Fort Wayne, IN, with years of experience in the industry. We have all the professional tools, heavy-duty equipment, and training needed to take care of both large and small properties throughout the area. Our crews are experienced in every aspect of tree care and removal. Our wide array of tree services are sure to cover any type of landscaping or tree care you need!

Services We Provide

We bring our many years of experience to every tree pruning and bracing project. Whether you need a canopy thinned, raised, or cabled, we can help! We can work on even tall trees, with our professional tree climbers and bucket trucks. Our tree preservation services include:

Trees provide valuable shade, beauty, and curb appeal to your property. With our bracing, cabling, and pruning, we can help maintain the trees on your property and keep them strong for generations to come. Give us a call for a free assessment and estimate on our tree preservation services!

Signs To Look For

Trees that have crossed limbs will have bare patches where bark has rubbed off. These limbs can be weak and prone to pest infestation. Limbs that are diseased or dead can be removed to allow the tree to focus nutrients on healthy limbs. We also offer canopy raising to allow for greater ground clearance without risking the health of the tree.

Fungal growths on leaves and many tree diseases can weaken trees, making them prone to toppling. If these trees are a liability, it may be wise to remove them entirely and plant a new tree if desired.

We also check for codominant stems and a “U” shaped tree crotch. If two stems are growing too close to one another, they can compete for space and invite poor growing conditions from lack of air flow. Or they can push each other apart, and weaken each other. In this case, the tree may be able to be braced to prevent damage and poor growth patterns.

Our tree experts use years of knowledge and superior equipment to reinforce trees and help prevent the need to remove valuable trees from your land.

Free Consultation

Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation on any of our tree cabling or bracing services. Our contractors will visit your property to discuss the best way to reinforce or preserve your trees. We’re here to help, so call us today!


When a tree has a split trunk or codominant stems, it may be wise to brace the tree with strong metal supports. Much like a bolt connecting the two pieces of the tree, these metal supports help the tree stay strong, and the tree is able to grow around the metal. However, if your tree species has trouble compartmentalizing wounds, another method may be preferable.


Cabling is a method of reinforcing a tree using wires in the canopy. Cabling can be done in a variety of ways depending on what kind of damage you need to prevent. Sturdy steel cables, or shock absorbing synthetic cables, are used to link one limb to another. These can either be rigged to prevent movement from wind, or allow controlled movement.


Pruning a tree removes weak, injured, and damaged tree limbs. It can also strategically shape and thin a canopy, allowing for more air flow and less wind resistance. These techniques reduce stress and wear and tear on your tree and the stems. Canopy thinning, directional pruning, and deadwooding all improve the look and health of your trees.