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Storm Damage Cleanup

Emergency Clean Up Services

When strong storms hit, Carter Family Tree Services is on the front lines, helping clear downed trees, limbs, and debris. We offer 24/7 disaster response throughout the Southwest Fort Wayne, IN area. We also help prepare homeowners and commercial properties to weather storms with minimal damage. Our wide range of expertise includes services that help keep trees strong, removes hazardous trees, and removes dead limbs from trees before they get blown down.

Experienced and Reliable

Our contractors are highly experienced in the tree service and landscaping industry and have the tools, training, and equipment to step in and help no matter what kind of clean up you need. Whether you have a tree that has fallen on your house, or need a roadway cleared, we can help. Our crews are fully-equipped with big trucks, bucket trucks, climbing gear, and wood chippers. We provide service for both residential and commercial properties.

Services We Offer

We are a fully-licensed tree service in Indiana. We care for properties with a variety of preparation and disaster response services. Tree removal is our specialty, and we also offer a wide-range of other services to restore your property after a storm! Our tree removal and landscaping services include:

Preparing your property before a storm can be as important as cleaning up after a storm. Our experienced crew can assess the trees on your land and check for disease, dead limbs, and other problems. We also provide bracing and cabling to reinforce struggling trees. Call us for a free quote on tree removal and pruning today!

Efficient and Careful Debris Removal

We use every tool at our disposal to carefully and cautiously remove downed trees and large limbs. When a tree is in a precarious position, we understand the importance of proceeding with caution to prevent further damage. We have all the equipment and training necessary to remove debris from your property. Our highly-experienced crew members use bucket trucks, professional-grade chainsaws, and their years of knowledge to get a birds eye view of the situation and quickly, carefully, and efficiently clean up the storm damage. 

We also help restore your property. We can provide recommendations on what trees to plant that will withstand Indiana weather, and install new landscaping on your property. When you need a caring crew to help clear large, heavy debris, give us a call! 

24/7 Emergency Response

Our team is proud to provide 24/7 service after strong storms hit the Fort Wayne area. We go to work clearing large limbs and downed trees from roads and carefully remove them from buildings. Let our team help with catastrophic storm damage on your property.

Removing Downed Trees

We work with HOAs, property managers, and municipal clients to help clear trees from roads and properties. Removing downed trees is the first step in recovering from a storm, and our experienced team is available to efficiently help clear them away.


We offer risk assessment and storm damage prevention. Our crews visit your property to check for diseased and hazardous trees. We offer tree removal, as well as tree preservation. Thinning tree canopies can help them survive storms and prevent downed limbs.