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Risk Assessment

Fort Wayne Tree Experts

Carter Family Tree Services is a top tree service company in the Southwest Fort Wayne area. Our experienced crew, excellent customer service, and years of knowledge set us apart. We have a trustworthy team with a long history of removing dangerous trees and reinforcing valuable trees of all kinds.

We work with both residential homeowners and commercial property owners to take care of the trees on their land. Our consultations help property owners know what trees may be at risk and provide ideas on how to protect their buildings and improve tree health. Whether you have one tree that is concerning you, or lots of trees that you want to maintain, our tree experts are here to help!

Be Prepared for Storms

Strong winds, heavy snows, and soaking rains can harm trees. Torsion and branch rubbing from wind, ice and snow accumulation, and ground softening after a deluge can all put unusual stress on the trees on your property. However, we can help! We offer pruning, bracing, cabling, and if needed, tree removal to help prepare your property for severe weather without catastrophic damage from falling limbs.

Services We Offer

We are a fully-licensed tree service serving all of Southwest Fort Wayne, IN. We offer a wide range of services, including:

If you want the trees on your land assessed, give us a call! We provide free, no-obligation estimates for all of our services.

How Can Risk Assessment Help?

When it comes to preparing your property for storms, our tree experts have a variety of services to offer. Checking trees for signs of weakness, disease, and other problems helps ensure they won’t fall over during a storm. Pruning and cabling can help trees withstand storms and strong winds.

Pruning – Pruning trees will remove overhanging tree limbs so they aren’t at risk of falling on buildings or getting caught in utility lines. Deadwooding, canopy thinning, and other techniques help reduce wind resistance, branch rubbing, and aid trees in withstanding severe weather.

Reinforcing – We also offer cabling and bracing. In addition to strategic pruning, reinforcing trees with gentle, proven, and effective methods can help save valuable trees. If reinforcing is not an option, we offer start-to-finish tree removal. We also offer advice and tree planting to add back an appropriate species for the location.

Prevention – Our crew will check the trees on your property for disease, split stems, and hazardous placement. If needed, we can either remove the tree, or add bracing and cabling to help reinforce the tree. Having trees evaluated before bad storms hit helps prevent damage to your property and keeps trees strong.

Check The Health of Trees

Our crews have been working with trees in the Fort Wayne area for over a decade. We use our knowledge to check for all kinds of warning signs and tree health indicators. We will check your trees for disease, fungal growth, crossed limbs, bark loss, and codominant stems.

Prepare Trees for Storms

Using our professional equipment and years of training, we help prepare trees to weather upcoming storms. We remove dead and diseased limbs and thin canopies. This allows for more air flow with less wind resistance. Unlike dangerous tree topping, these pruning techniques strengthen trees and reduce fallen limbs.

Brace Trees

We also offer bracing and cabling to help reinforce compromised trees. By using steel cables, or synthetic shock-absorbing ropes, canopies can be reinforced, and split tree trunks preserved. We will evaluate your tree and provide a free quote on the method we recommend to preserve it.