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Free Estimates Here

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Yard Installation and Landscaping

Landscaping Experts

Carter Family Tree Services has been providing land maintenance and tree care for commercial and residential properties throughout Southwest Fort Wayne for many years. Our highly experienced tree service and landscaping experts know how to perform pruning, planting, and care that keeps your plants healthy and looking great. Whether you have a large park, parking lot medians, or front yard, we can provide the caring landscaping services you need!

Local Professionals

We are a fully licensed, insured, and locally-owned landscaping company. We have been providing tree services and yard installations for properties of all sizes for many years. Our crews proudly provide full-service landscaping – from initial land clearing, to hedge trimming and maintenance. We maintain trees, pruning them back to prevent them from interfering with manmade structures. Also, we install mulch and maintain flowerbeds so your property looks great year round. Using our years of experience, and high-quality equipment, we efficiently take care of your property and treat it like our own.

How We Can Help

We bring our many years of experience to every landscaping project. Whether you have a couple trees you need removed, or want to install a brand new yard, our trusted tree service team is ready to go to work. We offer a wide range of landscaping services:

A beautiful outdoor space provides many benefits for both residential and commercial properties. Healthy trees provide shade, lawns are great play spaces, and flowers beautify any space. Whether you want to provide a place of respite for employees and patrons, or want to ready a space for gathering, our experienced crews are here to help.

Professional Tree Pruning

In addition to landscaping for bushes and flowers, we also trim and maintain trees. We are fully equipped to take care of all sizes and types of trees. Whether you have a diseased tree that you need removed from your property, or want to thin the canopy of the trees on your property so they can weather storms better, we can help. Our team of experienced and highly-qualified tree experts prune and maintain trees in Fort Wayne, IN.

Free Estimates

Give us a call today to schedule your free assessment on all our landscaping, tree maintenance, and yard installation services. Our contractors will visit your property to discuss your project. We look forward to talking with you and designing the outdoor space of your dreams. Call us to set up an appointment today!

Installing Trees

Sometimes trees grow too big for the location they were planted, and trimming them back would cause more harm down the line. In these cases we would recommend tree removal, and to plant a more appropriate tree in its stead. We can provide recommendations for trees that will fit your property and grow well in the Fort Wayne area.

Laying Mulch

Our team provides a full range of landscaping services, including maintaining flowerbeds and laying colored mulch. Boost curb appeal, protect your plants, and reduce weeds by installing attractive mulch on your property. Ask us about the varieties of mulch types and colors we have available that will match any design.


Our crew provides hedge trimming, shrub maintenance, and tree pruning for all sizes of properties in Fort Wayne. We work with municipal clients, businesses, HOAs and homeowners to maintain outdoor spaces. With our highly-experienced crew on site, you’ll know that your land is not only being maintained but cared for with years of expertise and knowledge.